Heating Oil

At Eastern Oil Company, we’re proud to provide premium heating oil to keep your Hudson Valley home warm all winter long. Heating your home or business with oil is safe and affordable. There are plenty of benefits to heating with oil, including saving money and complete home comfort.

Benefits of Heating Oil

Home Safety
When it comes to fuel for your home, oil offers fewer safety concerns than gas. Oil is a non-explosive fuel and is even difficult to ignite. Unlike undetectable gas system leaks, your oil heat system will emit smoke and soot to alert you to a malfunction issue.

Affordable Prices
Our oil heat customers have enjoyed lower energy bills for several years, even in the peak season of winter’s coldest months. When you choose oil heat, you take advantage of lower prices to keep more cash in your wallet.

Environmentally Friendly
Every year oil heat becomes cleaner and cleaner. Today’s oil heat burns 91% cleaner than in 1970. This results in improved heating system efficiency and reduced energy costs.

Efficient Systems
Technological advancements in oil heating equipment and components have raised efficiency ratings to an all-time high of 91%. More warmth for your home with less fuel used keeps things comfortable while saving money all season.


Fuel Delivery

Providing Putnam and Westchester counties high-quality fuel at competitive rates is Eastern Oil Company’s top priority. When you place an order, you can trust our team of experienced, licensed technicians to deliver your home heating oil safely and on schedule. Our reliable delivery service has been developed and perfected over the years by our knowledgeable staff.

Automatic Delivery
Our automatic delivery service makes heating your home easier than ever. Forget the guesswork of assessing tank levels and making regular ordering calls. Simply sign up for our hassle-free plan and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team will keep your tank full and your home warm and cozy, no matter how low temperatures drop. Just give us a call to enroll today!