Budget Plans

Save Money, Prevent Stress

Don’t let winter heating costs get you down! Here at Eastern Oil Company, we know New York’s coldest months can cause steep energy bills. Save your wallet the stress with one of our cost-effective payment plans. Geared towards convenience, the right budget plan is a worry-free way to provide warmth and comfort all year long.

The Smart Plan

Avoid the surprise of large heating bills in the thick of peak heating season. This no-fee payment plan distributes the annual cost of oil and services evenly into 10 monthly installments. Manage your funds easily with one predictable, unwavering payment and enjoy spending stability year round.

How It Works

  • We assess your usage history and current heating oil prices.
  • Then, we spread the total annual cost into 10 even payments.
  • You receive one consistent, hassle-free monthly bill.
  • Enjoy billing security at no additional cost.


Price Cap Plan

Protect your home heating costs from the fluctuating oil market. When you select our Price Cap Plan, you will never pay over your predetermined price per gallon.

How It Works

  • When enrolling, you sign up to receive your heating oil at a set price per gallon.
  • If the price of heating oil per gallon drops below your set price, you pay the market’s lower price of heating oil.
  • If the price of heating oil per gallon rises above your set price, you continue to pay the previously agreed upon price per gallon.
  • You never pay over the set cap price.

This Price Cap Plan does require an additional fee, reflected in your bill.


Interested in signing up? Contact us with any questions to become a customer and find the best budget plan for you.